March 22, 2017

Now Hiring!

Bartenders are the face of the taproom and serve as ambassadors of our beer and our brand. The job includes the typical duties of serving beer and taking payment, as well as some additional duties related to a taproom. Bartenders report to the Taproom Manager and General Manager. We strive to pay better than the base server pay and we’re confident that tips will make this a rewarding position.

Essential Job Duties

  • Serve the beer! Get the right beer to customers in a quick, friendly, and proficient way.

  • Handle cash and credit cards responsibly and accurately using the point of sale system.

  • Maintain tasting room before, during, and after service, and take initiative to clean, organize, and stock tasking room as needed during down times.

  • Opening and closing duties as per our standard service procedures.

Experience and Skills Necessary to Excel

  • Demonstrate the ability to interact with the public and coworkers in a friendly, enthusiastic, and outgoing manner.

  • Respectful, attentive, and professional at all times.

  • Strong knowledge of the Brew Link Brewing brand.

  • Excellent communicator.

  • Ability to use initiative, be proactive, and work independently.

  • Successful problem solving skills, able to deal with conflicts that may arise between staff or customers and ensure those conflicts are worked out.

  • Be able to multi-task and pay attention to detail

Taproom hours are in the afternoons and evenings. The busy times are weekends. Shifts are assigned by the Taproom Manager based on staff schedules and skills to put the right people on the right shifts. You must have scheduling flexibility.

Minimum high school diploma or equivalent is required. Prior experience in a bar is highly preferred. Completion of Indiana Alcohol Beverage Control Commission’s “Alcohol Seller/Server Training” within the last year or complete training within 3 days of hire is required. You must be able to physically execute the daily requirements of the job which includes working on your feet for an entire shift and have the ability to move around kegs, frequently lifting up to 65 pounds and team moving up to 165 pounds.

Above all else, we are looking for friendly and sincere people who can deal directly with customers in a way that positively reflects on the brewery. You must be able to work with other bartenders and work under management. You must be willing and able to follow procedures as established for all tasks, working both with and without supervision.

Job Type: Part-time

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

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